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Rumours of the demise of my blog are, sadly, true 24 June, 2007

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Hi dear friends,

Sadly, the time has come where I can no longer maintain the hitherto fitful stream of thoughts onto my blog. A combination of Facebook, summer (and, de facto, time required to roll about in the fields), a  busy work schedule and a new hobby (cooking, i.e. time required in the kitchen) has meant that I no longer have the means nor the will to make this blog interesting.

 I am therefore killing it, until I feel like resurrecting it again in the future.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!


Sunrise Festival 5 June, 2007

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Hey everyone! About time I updated this page, mainly for the benefit of those who haven’t yet been sucked into the black hole that is Facebook… As Rosie said over the weekend, “it’s a step up from Myspace maaaaaaaaan…” After sinking to the depths (I spent 16 hours in two days on Facebook last week), I’ve got everything under control by going to work again. Scary!

Last weekend was all about Sunrise Festival, a hippie festival promoting sustainability. 3000 people descended onto Bearley Farm in Yeovil on horse drawn carts (for the last 100 yards or so anyway, as cars were banned on festival grounds) and partook in a weekend of organic vegan food, solar-powered showers, mushrooms-induced nekkidness and wild abandon… twas good!

Here is the link to the photos I’ve taken.

I did, however, get so sick of healthy food that I took the first opportunity to stuff my face with a pork pie as soon I got to the train station.

A message: Hi Akiko!! I found out the other day that my dear friend Akiko who is livin’ it large in Tokyo at the moment has actually been finding the time to peruse my blog, so this entry is dedicated to her! I’ll come and break your shiny flat in come March next year, promise! xx

Work is a little bit dreary at the moment, watch this space for developments (I think I have been affected by the scaremongers that state that one has to be very careful about what one says on his/her blog because you never know who could be reading this).


An Aside 21 May, 2007

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 1. I am in hot pants and heels cooking dinner.

2. It is COLD and goosebumps aren’t attractive.

3. I don’t think they ever film “love” scenes in movies anywhere in Western Europe (really, I don’t think they do), as it is far too cold most of the year to wear anything revealing and sexy.


A short holiday and the SCOURGE of too much social networking! 19 May, 2007

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1. Hello everyone, glad to be back in God’s Ground again after a few glorious days in Barcelona. Although I had an awesome time (I always do no matter where I am), James took a long hard think about “travelling” and decided that he doesn’t like going anywhere where they don’t speak English. It makes him grumpy!

Anyway, I think I am suffering from the scourge of Too Much Social Networking Technology syndrome. I wanted to upload some photos of the Barcelona trip onto WordPress, but it isn’t terribly easy. Thank goodness Facebook comes to the rescue! Sorry, what did you say? Am I sounding too geeky? What about my MySpace, Bebo, Friendster and Hi5 accounts?

 Get onto Facebook y’all!


Bloody Giant Tent: serves me right! 10 May, 2007

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Hot damn, my new tent is giant. I picked it up from the shop today, all six kilos of it. Trudged home up the slope with it and decided to put it up in my living room to see exactly how big it was. And lo and behold, the thing is gargantuan. I suppose the description “4-man tent” should have given me a clue. But the thing is HUGE! It takes up the entire floor space of my living room, and I can stretch my legs, and STAND UP in it.


Appeal: please send me lost photos of Trina! 9 May, 2007

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Hello. And in case you were wondering, YES I am on another narcissistic bend.

Well, that’s not entirely fair. I’m trying to piece together how I’ve looked over the years, and how my features have changed (if they have at all).

Therefore, if anybody has any photographs of Trina from back in the day (it doesn’t matter whether it was from the craaaaazzzzzzzzzy naked uni days, or muscly spotty JC days, or even spotty chubby secondary school days – and god forbid, perhaps even primary school / kindergarten days! – I WANT THEM.

Reward offered for quality.


Sara’s Birthday in Bristol 7 May, 2007

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Happy birthday Sara, and all the best in your new life in Abu Dhabi. It’s not goodbye, because we shall see you very soon at Glade Festival 2007! Here are some snaps from the party:

Firstly, the birthday girl:

These are the jokers I live with:


Charlie and Trina!


Preparing the BBQ

James Anderson is anybody’s after two whiskies

My James has run out of beer